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  • It was such a pleasure working with Michael and Diane, the architect. I am so happy with how the house looks with the construction completion. Mother’s day is always a busy time in the house with lots of guests. Michael made sure to have the house as complete as possible before Mother’s Day weekend–thank you! It was so nice to have the house completed in time for guests. Michael treated our home with detail and care–it looks incredible, and I’m thrilled with the outcome!
    Regina & Greg
    Chatham, NJ
  • We at Architecture Plus have enjoyed working with TJC Homes for many years now, since 1999. Tim Jones has successfully assembled a professional group that produce quality work at a great value.

    Michael Redo, who manages Far Hills Design Build, which builds custom homes, additions and renovations, is very detail oriented, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, exemplifying the standard of people that Tim Jones leads.

    I don’t hesitate to recommend them for our residential work, both for custom home builds, additions and renovations. Their product turns out great, they are professional and responsive and my clients always give them high marks.

    Marc M.
    Architecture Plus
  • I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you and your team over the last many months. You should be very proud of the work you do. Your focus on client satisfaction was evident throughout.

    I have done many projects and want was most striking in your work was the willingness to go the extra mile especially as we undertook several repairs/renovations. The extra effort you went through to match the doors in the gazebo which were long out of manufacture was just one of those examples. Ryan and Mario were uniformly punctual, did excellent work and left the job meticulously clean.

    I also appreciated your flexibility as we dealt with many unknowns from the town as we learned new building codes. You made it fun to deal with obstacles as you always had such as “can do/we can make this work” attitude.

    You are an incredibly hard worker and have high standards which is so very important in major constructions. You inspired trust and confidence throughout the project.

    Again, my thanks

    Colleen M.
  • With thanks to you and your team – our wonderful addition was totally completed today and the check has already been mailed. I must tell you sincerely how wonderful it was to have you et al as our major contractor. Everyone on your team needs to be recognized for their unfailing commitment to us – in the small details and in the large details.

    Mike was and is super and so good on follow through – large and small – even did a side job (which of course was paid for by my Mother) of a shed removal at 939 Turnberry Court!! (PS – Mike – Mom loves the new back yard minus the falling down structure.)

    Jessica kept the records straight, which I so appreciated!!

    Your team of Mario, Freddy, Nano, etc. were fantastic – attention to detail and so kind!!

    Your subcontractors came through beautifully!!

    Anytime you want to stop by to enjoy – please do ring the bell, come in and have a libation!!!!

    Best and with thanks from Walt and from me,

    Bridgewater, NJ
  • This letter is long overdue as it has been nearly a year since Kathy, Alexander & I moved into the home you built for us. We are absolutely delighted with the home and look forward to many years of enjoyment in it!

    Building a new home is a stressful event for a family, especially when you have a move out of your existing home and watch it be demolished! However, we were comfortable with you and your staff, particularly with you and John Bavier during the planning phase, and Mike Redo during the actual construction. Your firm met, and often exceeded, our expectations.

    You provided a fair price, a realistic schedule (which you beat by over a month!) and, when issues or questions inevitably arose, resolved them and kept us informed all along the way. It was also interesting to hear from the Bedminster Township Construction Department that your team was one of the best contractors they had ever worked with!

    Again, thanks to you and your firm for building us a fantastic home!!

    James C.
    Bedminster, NJ
  • Michael Redo worked closely with my designer, architect and home decorator to ensure that my New custom home was exactly what was envisioned from the on-set. The house didn’t win an award but the house is award-winning for us! Thanks so much!

    Tewksbury, NJ
  • As an architect with a 32-year successful practice, it’s very important to work with a General Contractor who is a team player with high standards.  Michael Redo produces excellent work and still gives competitive pricing.  He is very familiar with the technical aspects of all the subcontractors so he can coordinate and oversee their work as well as all the framing, general carpentry, and interior trim details.  If there is a question, Michael always calls for clarification so the work is done to our satisfaction.  All of our shared clients have loved working with Michael, and I can recommend him whole-heartedly.

    Diana L. Hoffman, AIA
    Hoffman Architects
  • When we decided it was time to build our dream home, we wanted a quality builder with a strong reputation and track record. We made inquiries of our architect, and from friends that had recent experience in building new homes. We wanted a builder who was a good listener, valued strong attention to detail, was reliable and willing to work with us as partners in the building process. We found that builder in TJC.

    Not only were his prices competitive, but his service was outstanding. From the moment we purchased the lot, we new that TJC had our best interests at heart. We made several changes to the architectural plans with little or no bumps along the way. TJC built our home taking each detail into consideration, from the custom screened-in porch, which we greatly enjoy, to the custom built cubbies in the mud-room and the intricate moldings throughout our home.

    The construction of our home was done in a timely fashion and delivered on schedule despite tough winter weather. If at any time we were uncertain about the process, Tim Jones was readily available to explain it. The office staff is very pleasant, attentive and well organized, and the TJC Project Manager was a great asset. Our questions were always answered within a reasonable time frame and to our satisfaction. TJC is very respectful of their customers and sensitive to the stress during the construction of a home; this we know first-hand.

    The exceptional service did not stop when we closed on our home, but continued after we moved in. We believe customer service is equally important to the TJC team as the quality of construction. We are pleased to acknowledge the builder Tim Jones and would confidently recommend him to anyone for their home construction needs.

    Michele & Bill
    Readington, NJ
  • In the middle of 2002, we had recently moved to New Jersey. We were in temporary housing but expected our children would begin the school year in our new home. It was not to be, and we entered a construction nightmare at that time. The contractor who was supposed to finish our new construction home showed his true colors, and defaulted on the contract we had with him. He was not going to finish our home.

    With a very heavy heart, I started the search for a quality, reputable builder who could finish our home. Someone we know recommended Tim Jones, and we gave him a call. I talked to someone whose home in the Stanton Ridge development was almost finished; it was a TJC project. I also went and toured the house. Both activities yielded positive results.

    Unlike most people building a home, I had contractors for my house who had been deserted by our builder the same way we had. This gave me a very accurate idea of the builder’s cost for finishing my home. I began the negotiations with Tim for the work that remained, and was thrilled to learn that his prices are fair, and equally important to me, that he is a businessman with integrity. The date of completion was extremely important to me, and we were able to work this out to both of our satisfaction. When Tim agrees to a date or a price, he comes through. His contractors were at the house when he said they would be there, and shared the refreshing work ethic of getting the job done well and without delay. Our home is customized in many ways. We wanted elaborate mouldings, unique fireplaces, and a cozy, beckoning, yet professionally equipped kitchen. Tim’s crews achieved each request and turned the empty frame we were left with into our dream home.

    After our home was finished, I maintained a relationship with Tim. Years later, when our garage door needed repair, or when we needed some roof repair for shoddy work from the original builder, all it took was a quick call to Tim for a name.

    I recommend Tim Jones and his crew without hesitation. He is a builder on whom the client is able to rely. Our family was in a terrible dilemma when our original builder reneged on our contract, and a less scrupulous builder may have tried to take advantage of our situation and perhaps gouge us to do the work quickly. Not Tim. He is a reliable professional who works with other reliable professionals, and truly wants to leave a happy, satisfied client with a beautiful home. I will always be a fan.

    Whitehouse Station

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