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Product Review of Synthetic Plastic Slate

At Far Hills Design-Build, we are always searching for advanced products to use in our new home construction, additions, and major renovations. We have used synthetic plastic slate in many of our projects. We recommend it to clients who are looking for a traditional look with modern benefits.

What is Synthetic Plastic Slate?

Plastic slate is a synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of real slate. Also, it has the added benefit of long-term durability. A slate roof looks elegant on many high-end custom homes. Synthetic Slate provided a wide variety of styles that go with many different home designs. The engineered tiles are lighter, more impact resistant, and easier to maintain over the long term. Synthetic plastic slate has a fire-resistant polymer that uses cutting-edge UV and thermal stabilizers. The tiles are engineered to withstand harsh conditions year-round.

Why Not Real Slate?

In a word: maintenance. Natural slate tiled roofs are susceptible to damage and erosion from time and the elements. For example, hail can cause tiny fissures. The freeze and thaw cycles worsen these cracks over time. Certain Synthetic Slate brands have a class 4 impact rating, class A fire rating, and are certified to withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour. Also, synthetic alternatives provide superior durability with the same visual appeal as a natural product.

Why We Use Synthetic Plastic Slate

Sometimes the look of a slate roof brings together an outstanding custom home design. The great thing about synthetic slate tiles is that they are modeled from actual slate for an authentic look and feel. Moreover, the design fits in well with traditional and french-provincial architecture styles.

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