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Superior Walls Product Review

At Far Hills Design Build, we are always searching for the best products to use in our custom home builds. We often use Superior Walls when constructing a home’s foundation.

The number one thing we love about this product is building basements in the winter without cracking. In this post, we are going to review the advantages and disadvantages of Superior Wall products. 

What are Superior Walls?

These are not your traditional poured-concrete walls. Superior Walls are an innovative precast system that comes to us already painted and insulated. Also, the panels are custom manufactured in a climate-controlled factory. Superior Walls makes each system to our specifications complete with windows and door openings.

When the wall panels arrive at a new home job site, a trained team uses a crane to carefully lift them into position. Heavy-duty bolts secure each panel in place. Then a specialized sealant coats the joints to create a dry, warm basement. 

When to Use Superior Walls

Superior Walls foundations can be used in new builds year round. Inclement weather makes it difficult to pour traditional concrete foundations or during the winter. Precast panels avoid many of the pitfalls associated with construction in the cold. Because the products are build to blueprint, they are useful for any new house from mansion to cottage. 

Cost Comparison

The overall price depends on the size and scope of the project. Typically, precast panels are more cost-effective. The simplified construction process reduces the time and increases productivity which translates to a lower price. The homeowners also see cost savings in the form of lower energy costs to heat and cool their basement.


  • No Cracking in Winter – Precast wall panels are weather-safe for installation any time of year. So, they are the only product that can be used for building a basement in winter without cracking.  
  • Quick Installation – We install Superior Walls quickly – in days, not weeks like poured foundations which are susceptible to weather delays. 
  • Consistent Quality – The climate-controlled factory setting means a high-level of quality assurance and consistent cement mix.
  • Green Certified – This foundation system exceeds green building standards. The continuous layer of insulation leads to lower home energy consumption. Optimizing material usage means reduced waste. 
  • Installation Included – A trained team from Superior Walls come to the job site to place the foundation. 


  • Time and Shipping – The panels are custom poured in a factory and then shipped to the job site. By scheduling delivery in advance, we ensure the product is on-time. 
  • Handling Difficulties – The precast panels are large and heavy. So, installing them takes care and precision. Skilled operators use cranes to place Superior Walls on-site.  
  • Specialized Equipment – Placement and sealing require an onsite crane and skilled workers. We work with the local experts at Northeast Precast to ensure proper installation.
  • Complex Connections – The separate slabs are assembled on-site. Skilled workers must ensure a watertight connection using bolts and joint sealant.

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