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A Surprising Renovation Trend for 2018

A surprising renovation trend we are seeing for 2018 is building an addition or remodeling a part of the home into a sunroom. Sunrooms saw their heyday in the 1990s but slowly went out of fashion. Now they are making a comeback. The beauty is that these rooms function as whatever you need—a lounge, office, game room, and more.

When done right, adding a sunroom brings the outdoors inside year round. They add much needed natural light to your space. A new Florida room could become your ideal “happy place” for those cold New Jersey winters. Plus, turning your back deck into a sun porch adds resale value to your home. 

What is A Sunroom?

Sometimes called a solarium, Florida room, or sun porch, this warm and inviting space features large windows that let in ample sunlight and offer a view of the landscape. Some even have skylights or glass ceilings. Design-builders can style a modern twist on the traditional sunroom by installing floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. 

Adding a Sunroom

Most sunrooms are custom-designed to suit the home. Usually, a sun porch is attached to the side or back of the house, this means a backyard patio makes a great footprint for your future solarium. Alternatively, they can be separate buildings in the backyard or near a pool. By installing screens and sliding glass panels, you can open the windows and let it the fresh air when the weather is nice.

Bring the Outdoors In

In Central New Jersey, a sunroom is a great place to connect with the outdoors all year round. The space is perfect for entertained guests or reading a book by sunlight. Consider transforming the room into a winter garden with lush, tropical plants. It could also be your private oasis with a spa and heated flooring. 

Resale Value

Adding a Florida room increases your home’s value. The addition increases the square footage of living space. Using energy efficient windows can help moderate seasonal temperatures better and not drive up utility bills. You’ll want to work with a professional builder to ensure your sunroom meets building codes and will pass any inspections when it comes time to sell your home.

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