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The Advantages of an Open-concept Floor Plan 

Many older homes in New Jersey have a traditional layout of separate living, dining, and family rooms. Modern architecture and home design have moved beyond the partitioned room style. By removing a few non-load bearing walls, you can change your home to an open-concept floor plan. An open lower level has many advantages. It allows easier flow and more interactions with family and guests. An on-trend floor plan improves the homes resale value in today’s housing market. Plus, you get more light and better space for entertaining with an open-concept home layout.

What is an Open Floor Plan?

An open floor plan refers to a combination space in residential architecture that joins two or more spaces to create a much larger area. An open-concept eliminates some of the walls that normally divide rooms. The goal is to combine two or three rooms—typically the living room, kitchen, or dining room—into one great room or common living space.

Benefits of an Open-concept Floor Plan

This type of floor plan promotes an open aesthetic and better traffic flow. It allows for more natural light to fill the room and makes the space feel larger. Entertaining guests or simply spending time as a family is easier when your living space is combined into one room. By combining the kitchen with the living space, whoever is cooking can socialize or keep an eye on the kids. 

Renovate to Achieve Your Dream

The open floor plan has been the dominant architectural trend since the early 1990s. This trend fuels most of the major home renovations and remodeling projects in homes built before that time. For these renovations to work, heavy-duty beams bear the weight of the floor above, rather than interior walls. By working with an architect and design-builder you can convert your traditional home into an open floor plan. 

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