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Modern Trends in Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is the heart of the home. And countertops are valuable kitchen real estate, both visually and functionally. Choosing a material that fits your lifestyle is the key to designing a functional kitchen.

When selecting countertops for your custom home or kitchen renovation, think about how you will use the space. Different materials have various durability and maintenance requirements. Also, consider the total cost of ownership—initial cost as well as future maintenance.

Top 3 Trending Kitchen Countertop

Homeowners have a multitude of styles and materials to choose from. Ask yourself what statement you want to make — will the color, size, and shape compliments the overall kitchen design? The following three countertop styles offer timeless elegance and fit with current trends.

Quartz Vein 

Eye-catching and elegant, quartz vein kitchen countertops mimic the look of marble. Rather than being natural stone, they are engineered using ground quartz combined with resin. Quartz countertops are low-maintenance and durable. The polymers make them scratch- and stain-resistant. They are also non-porous, so there are no crevasses for bacteria and mold to linger. Some manufacturers offer jumbo slabs for uninterrupted countertops. 

A few caveats. Quartz cannot take extreme heats. Always use a trivet for hot pots and pans. It also does not weather well outdoors, so it’s a poor choice for an outdoor kitchen


The popularity of timeless and unique copper countertops is on the rise. Copper is a living surface that oxidizes tarnishes overtime. For many homeowners, this is part of the charm. Over time, the counters develop a mellow patina of reds, greens, and browns. However, keeping them shining like a new penny requires diligent resealing. 

Many copper alloys are antimicrobial. Unsealed surfaces will continuously kill bacteria between cleanings. However, this soft metal is susceptible to wear and tear from knives and heavy pots. A hammered or distressed finish will hide those dents and dings. 

Butcher Block

The wood tones of butcher block counters give a kitchen a warm, homey feeling. Homeowners can customize the look and feel with hand-picked woods and patterns. For dark and dramatic, go for teak or cherry wood. Whereas, bamboo is excellent for a modern, sustainable home. 

Wood counters are more susceptible to dings and scratches. Also, trapped moisture can warp wood and lead to mildew. Butcher block counters require monthly sealing with food-safe mineral oil to keep out spills and prevent water damage. Every ten years or so sand and reseal the entire surface. With proper care, wood counters can last for decades. 

Counters are a major focal point of kitchen design. An experienced design-builder can help select countertops that reflect your lifestyle and personal aesthetic.

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