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Media Room Features for New Construction and Renovations

Your family snuggles under a blanket watching a heartwarming movie. Your tailgating buddies gather to watch the big away game. You unwind in the evening listening to your favorite jazz album. Media rooms provide a plethora of opportunities for socializing, relaxing, and viewing. 

Cozy seating, surround sound stereo, and a large television are the essential elements of a great media room. It is your curated environment for entertainment and socializing. 

Media Room Locations

Where is the best location when planning major renovations or new home construction? The answer depends on how you plan on using the space. Serious movie buffs may consider renovating a basement room into a dedicated home theater. However, for many families, a media room is a flexible space for TV, music, and games. An area near the central hub of the home is ideal for open-ended entertainment.

Media Room Features

When planning major renovations or new home construction, consider what features to include in your media room. By planning, you can determine the optimal seating arrangement, screen size, acoustics, and wiring. Current trends in media rooms include:

  • Modular seating
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Sound absorbing tiles
  • Bluetooth and wifi  
  • Smart lighting

Flexible Seating

Create an adaptive entertainment space with couches, recliners, and loveseats. Rearrange sectional sofas for various situations. Recliners that swivel 360 degrees switch from facing the screen to facing the company in a heartbeat. 

Big Screen

The size of the screen depends on the size of the space. The goal is for guests to see well from anywhere in the room. Optimal viewing distance is two to three times the screen (measured diagonally). For example, a 60-inch TV is best viewed from 10 to 15 feet away. 

Sound Absorption

The building materials used in renovations and new constructions affect the acoustics of a room. Padded carpet, fiberglass insulation, and acoustical ceiling tiles absorb sound and reduce vibration. 

Cutting-edge Technology

The quality and availability of smart entertainment have grown over the years. Wifi-enabled TVs let your access your YouTube and Netflix account straight from the TV. With Bluetooth technology, you can display the screen of any connected device. 

An integrated smart speaker such as Alexa or Google Home gives you control over the room’s environment. Just say the word to start music or a movie. Also, with a smart lighting system, you can set the lights to fit your activity.  

Resale Value

The majority of Americans prefer entertainment in their own homes because they have control over the content. A luxury media room increases your home’s resale value and gives you an edge when its time to sell your home. Homes with impressive media rooms are more desirable and tend to sell quickly.  

Make your media room a personalized, fun environment. Far Hills Design Build is here to help with your renovation or custom home build project. Give us a call at 908-781-0777.

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