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Can I Use Marble in a Steam Shower?

Do you love the look of marble, but wonder how it will hold up in a steam shower? A luxurious steam shower is a wonderful way to unwind after a long day. You simply sit back and relax while the glass-enclosed space fills up with steam. Of course, you want to enjoy your home-sauna experience in beautiful surroundings. 

That being said, certain materials hold up better than others in moisture-rich environments. Several of different types of materials work well in steam showers such as porcelain or glass. However, marble and other natural stones are best avoided. This is especially true here in New Jersey where hard water can cause build up in porous materials. 

Porous Stone

Marble is a natural, porous material. The microscopic pores in the stone allow it to absorb moisture. Hot water vapor from a steam shower easily permeates the marble. This usually causes the stone to appear darker until it dries out. However, areas like Bridgewater and Madison tend to have hard water. This means the water contains extra minerals that build up on marble over time. 

Silicone Sealer

It is possible to have that marble look in your steam shower. If you do choose to use natural stone in the bathroom, protect the area with a silicone-based sealer to keeps the moister out. However, the sealer can break down over time. Also, moister can still get into the stone through grout joints. So, it isn’t a perfect solution.

Non-porous Alternatives

The best choice is to go with a non-porous material for your steam shower. There are plenty of stunning options to create a beautiful bathroom retreat. Glass creates a chic, modern style. Porcelain is a timeless classic and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. If you want the look of natural stone, quartz is a non-porous alternative. Also, you can find engineered stone materials that have a natural stone appearance.

Bottom line: While marble looks beautiful in your bathroom, it’s best to avoid it in a steam shower. Opt for a non-porous material instead.

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