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Achieve the Luxury Living Room of Your Dreams

A living room serves several functions. It’s a place for the family to relax. It’s also a space to gather with guests and entertain. A luxury living room design should reflect your personal tastes and style and create a beautiful space that aligns with your home’s interior design aesthetics. An ideal living room is a space where you feel at home, and that you also feel proud to show to guests. 

Many older home in areas like Chatham and Summit have living room designs that are small and compartmentalized. The problem is, most homeowners today want open-concept spaces. If the walls are not load-bearing, you can tear them down to create an open and inviting living room. Installing high-end fixtures and phenomenal lighting will create the luxurious home you’ve always dreamed of. 

Refresh your Living Room

With the right remodel, you can feel as if you are living in a newly built home (without all the hassle of moving). The first step is to think about what will make your living room great. Do you need walls removed, new hardwood floors, or a new fireplace? Then you can work with a design-builder to create an upscale, open-concept space. The right builder can help with the following:

  • Removing walls
  • Laying floors
  • Installing a fireplace
  • Painting walls
  • Adding trim and molding
  • Installing light fixtures

Find Inspiration

Get inspiration from magazines or Pinterest for how you want your luxury living room to look. What style inspires you? Warm and inviting, elegant and opulent, sleek and modern? If you want your living room to feel magnificent and grand, incorporate rich textures, elegant hardwoods, and opulent lighting. For an upscale, urban design go for a neutral palette, clean lines, and bright lighting. 

Hire a Contractor

Once you know what you want in your new living room, it’s time to hire a contractor. An experienced builder can help you decide what wall can be moved to open up space. A design-build contractor will walk you through choosing materials that match your inspiration and help you achieve the overall look you desire. A high-end contractor can create the changes you need to make your luxury living room a reality.

Are you ready to create the living room of your dreams? Call 908-781-0777 to start the design and renovation process today.

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