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Types of Interior Doors to Consider When Doing Home Renovations

The interior of your home is a reflection of your taste and style. The type of interior doors you choose create a statement. The right doors make your home more useable and beautiful. With so many types of interior doors available, you’re sure to find a style and practicality that fits your home. 

Understanding the various options will help you choose the perfect doors for your renovation. Different entries change the way a room functions and how it feels. You don’t want doors to feel like an afterthought. The right doors add beauty and functionality to any room, and luxury doors can be a statement piece of your room. 

Barn Style Sliding Door

 These types of interior doors are a prime example of form and function. With this type of interior sliding door, there is one wall-mounted track above the door frame that extends along the wall. You can slide the door completely out of the doorway without swinging into the room. This improves functionality for narrow hallways or rooms with adjacent doorways. Consider adding a sliding barn door to your kitchen pantry or bedroom closet. A high-end barn door slider is a statement piece for a rustic or country style. A metal sliding door creates an industrial look.  

Pivot Doors

For a unique, space-saving design, consider a pivot door. Pivot doors open by turning on pivots located midway along the top and bottom of the door. They are an excellent option for modern homes looking for a unique touch. They offer a broad, generous opening. The clean and simple appearance works well with contemporary architecture. Pivot doors have a seamless, streamlined look and smooth operation. 

Pocket Doors

By concealing the hinge and frame, flush doors integrate smoothly into the wall. They have a sleek, modern look that is perfect for a minimalistic design. With the rise of more modern home designs, the demand for this type of door has increased. These doors feature a smooth surface with no panels. The frame and hinge are hidden within the wall. When painted the same color as the wall, flush doors provide functionality with a minimalist aesthetic. 

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