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How to Convey Your Vision to a Custom Home Builder

Your custom home’s design reflects your aesthetics. You deserve a design-builder who listens and gets it right. Communication is crucial. When your architect and general contractor understand your vision, your dream home becomes a reality. Start by discussing your preferences with your custom home builder. 

Your Unique Style

Every house has a style. When talking to your design-builder, start by developing an overarching understanding of your preferences. Tell your builder what architectural elements you want in your home. Describe the general look and feel. Bring pictures of inspiration houses. Knowing the specific category of home smooths communication. For example, here are five popular styles in New Jersey: 

  • Cape Cod – Square or rectangular homes, usually sided with clapboard or brick. Steeply gabled roofs, dormers, and shutters give Cape Cods a classic look.
  • Colonial – Symmetrical homes with second-story bedrooms. Colonial styles often have elegant central halls as well as white clapboard and dark shutters. 
  • Ranch – Single-story homes with an attached garage and wood or brick exterior, characterized by sliding doors and picture windows. 
  • Tudor – Picturesque, story-book homes with steeply pitched gables. Tudors are known for bay windows, rounded doorways, and large stone chimneys. 
  • Victorian – Homes with curved towers and spindled porches. Victorian-style homes are known for slate roofs and patterned brickwork. 

The Finer Details

Every little detail—flooring, paint color, doors, and windows—contributes to the overall style of a home. Once your design-builder understands the general look, he may have suggestions for specific details. 

Other important details to discuss are based on your situation. Every family is unique. Your individual needs and lifestyle play a huge roll in the style of your custom home. For example, older adults need accommodations for aging in place during their golden years. Families with young children will want walls and floors that are easy to clean. Individuals in wheelchairs can design a home with ramps, low sinks, and open space under the counters.

Clear communication with your design-builder and architect leads to the smooth execution of your vision. Far Hills Design Build is here to make your dream home a reality. Give us a call at 908-781-0777.

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