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Exposing the Truth Behind Homebuilding Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the homebuilding process. Some people have bad experiences. When their stories get built up into myths that spread, custom homebuilding gets a bad rap. It’s hard for homeowners to know what to believe when they’ve never been involved in a custom home build before. The truth is, it really comes down to finding a design and build team who takes care of their clients.

Misconception #1: Building a custom home is stressful

There are horror stories about disastrous home builds, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A professional, well-organized design and build team can make the process smooth and easy for homeowners. The experience is only as great as the people you entrust to manage it. Selecting the right builder is the single most important decision in the process. Homeowners can find the best builders with careful research and vetting. Gather a list of likely candidates by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations. You can also do an online search for local New Jersey builders. Once you narrow down your list, interview each candidate and make sure they are licensed and insured. Choose a firm that quickly answers your questions with transparency and clarity. By hiring a quality design-build contractor, the client can rest easy.

Misconception #2: You will go over budget

You may have heard misconceptions about all builds going over budget by 20 – 30 percent. While some projects do go over budget, there are builders out there who will stick to the budget. Or even come under budget! You just have to find experienced contractors who know what they’re doing. Staying on budget is about being on the same page with your contractor. Projects go over budget when a builder doesn’t discuss fixture and appliances cost and how they impact the budget at the beginning of the project with the homeowners. Builders should ask specific questions, understand your vision, and accurately price the materials. And, if a project does go over, the contractor should explain why. For example, if the homeowners request an upgraded fixture that is outside of the budget, the contractor should explain the cost ahead of time. Budget overages need not be a surprise to anyone.

Misconception #3: Homeowners need design experience to build a custom home

Sure plenty of architects, designers, and builders will design their own homes. But a person with little to no experience can certainly achieve the home of their dreams. You may not have experience building homes, but you’ve lived in a home and you know what you want. What it takes is finding the right team to translate your vision into reality. A good design-build contractor will walk you through building a new home step by step. They will be sure you understand the process before work starts. Plus, they are there to answer questions and guide you through all phases of the project.  That way you are confident that you are getting what you asked.

Don’t let these misconceptions blur the truth. You can have a good home building experience with the right design-build contractor. High-quality homebuilders work hard to make the construction process smooth and easy to understand for homeowners. They make sure the budget is clear and always up to date throughout the project. Plus, they thoroughly explain the design-build process and keep you up to speed on progress every step of the way. At Far Hills Design Build, we do whatever it takes to make sure your custom home building experience is excellent. Learn more…call 908-781-0777

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