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Picking the Right Lighting Options for Your Home

Careful selection of lighting options is crucial in new home and renovation design. The type of fixture and placement need to coordinate with other interior design elements in the room, including wall color, furniture placement, and room size. Lighting that doesn’t serve a purpose is wasting electricity. Likewise, poor lighting that leaves shadows isn’t doing its job. Each room can benefit from a mix of different types of lighting

Ambient Lighting

Every room in the house needs some form of ambient lighting to provide an even, overall illumination. Recessed fixtures are functional and understated. A chandelier can be both a statement piece and a source of ambient light. In kitchens, over-cabinet lighting options create a bright mood. With ambient fixtures, you can incorporate dimmer switches. These let you customize the lighting and mood throughout the day. Multiple circuits in a room will give you more ability to customize the lighting to your needs. 

Track Lighting

Directional track lighting lets you highlight specific elements in the room. Typically, track lighting hangs from the ceiling or wall on tracks. Also, you can position the customizable lamps to point where you want. Track lighting options are great for living rooms and bedrooms where you want to illuminate wall art or accent pieces. 

Task Lighting

Sometimes you need increased illumination in a specific area to make accomplishing work easier. Well-designed task lighting options focus light on a work surface such as a desk or counter. Think about where on/off switches are positioned to make access easy. Task lighting is a must-have for the kitchen, garage, craft room, and home office. Also, vanity lighting around a mirror provides ample light for applying make-up and shaving. 

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