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Home Upgrades That Keep Your Family Safer and Healthier

Keeping your family healthy goes beyond diet and exercise. The choices you make when renovating or building your home also have an impact on your family’s health and safety. The right home upgrades can keep your family safer. Smart features, organic paint, and effective ventilation create a healthy home environment.

Protect Your Family with a Smart Home

Installing smart devices in your home is the modern way to keep your family safe. For example, smart smoke and CO2 detectors push alerts to a phone app if they detect smoke. The app sends you alerts you when the detector’s battery is low, eliminating those annoying 2 a.m. chirps. Or some units even come with a lifetime 10-year battery.

Keeping your family safe also involves keeping danger out. Professionally installed video doorbells and smart locks add protection and peace of mind. A security camera doorbell can detect motion and sends alerts to your phone. Smartlocks feature auto-lock and unlock functions when you leave and return. You can also create electronic keys for guests and handymen. As a bonus, smart home features also go along way toward the resale value of your home.

Premium Paint for a Healthy Home

In modern homes, there’s no worry of lead paint, but homeowners still need to take precautions when it comes to potential toxins from off-gassing. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are present in many building materials and are, to a degree, responsible for that “new paint” smell. Considering the average person spends 90 percent of their time indoors, you want to limit the presence of VOCs in your home. One path to a healthier home is to use zero-VOC paint. Whenever you do a renovation project, insist that your contractor uses products that are certified asthma and allergy friendly with zero emissions.

Improve Air Quality with Better Ventilation

High-quality homes have great insulation and energy efficiency, but that means they are sealed up tight. A secure envelope requires the right ventilation for healthy indoor air quality. You might be tempted to just open a window, but that brings in pollen and is impractical during hot, cold, or stormy weather. Installing an effective ventilation system brings fresh air into your home and creates a healthy climate by reducing fumes and controlling humidity.

At Far Hills, we recommend high-quality building materials for the sake of your family’s health and safety.  Call us at 908-781-0777 to talk about improving your home.

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