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How Builders and Architects Collaborate as a Design-Build Team

When you are planning a new home or addition, you want to make sure you’ve assembled the best team for the job. And that means having an architect and contractor who work together to achieve your vision. You want contractors who build to the architectural plan and architects with an understanding of construction. The advantage of a design-build team is it’s easier for the plan to evolve as the project progresses because the builder and architect collaborate.

General Contractor

The project’s general contractor oversees everything and ensures that the build is completed according to the architectural plan. Contractors also have crews to do most of the construction. An established general contractor will have a network of professional subcontractors to do specialized work such as electrical, plumbing, roofing, and landscaping. A design-build contractor should work closely with your architect to plan and design any new home or addition.


Licensed architects are rigorously trained in construction, design, history, and engineering, with a certification to show for it. They also engage in continuing education hours each year. High-quality architects have the skills and know-how to make complex decisions about your addition. The architect’s job isn’t to pick out paint colors and finishes—they design the overall project from the roofline to the foundation. Some architects design the plans and then stop there. What you really want in a true design-build team is an architect who collaborates and communicates with builders to achieve your dream home.


An addition or new home construction involves many different specialties and tradespeople. You’ll see carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and more on site to complete the project. But the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about hiring subcontractors. The general contractors will take care of finding a crew that shares their ideals about home building so corners are never cut. They usually know the best local experts in various trades and finds the right people for the job. Plus, a design-build contractor ensures that contractors are licensed, insured and complete all work properly and up to code.

The perfect design-build team comes together when the general contractor and the architect collaborate. Our detail-oriented team at Far Hills Design Build works with architects to design and build the home of your dreams. Call us at 908-781-0777 to schedule an appointment today.

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