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Heating Your Construction Site during Frigid New Jersey Winters

In central New Jersey, heat makes a big difference during the cold months. A warmer construction site leads to higher worker productivity and faster drying times. In this post, we’re looking at three different solutions for heating your construction site in the winter.

Heating Your Construction Site with Propane

Convection propane heaters don’t need any electricity. Store the propane tank outside the house and run a cord to the area you want to heat. Opt for the convection models because they run quieter than the forced fan heaters. There’s already enough noise on the construction site.

The downside of using a propane heater is it has an open flame. Take fire safety precautions when using an open flame. Position the heater on a concrete slab near non-combustible materials. If you are working at a site with the subfloor exposed, lay a few sheets of drywall down as a base for the heater. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby and have a CO2 monitor in the space the heater is in.

The propane heater is best for the framing stage of construction. Store the propane tank outside, and never run a propane heater in an enclosed space. You want to mitigate potential hazards for gas leaks and CO2 build-up. Also, propane heaters release moisture into the air. The extra humidity isn’t suitable for finishes, hardwood, and cabinets.

Temporary Electric Job Site Heater

You can use a temporary electric unit for heating your construction site. You can plug a 220-volt or 110-volt line into your job site power. Most models operate at either 30 amps or 50 amps. Electric heaters don’t run as hot as propane; however, you don’t need to replace propane tanks.

Electric heaters are great to use during hardwood, cabinets and trim phases. Electric is safer on finishes than propane because it won’t add humidity to the air. Also, you don’t have the same fire safety or CO2 concerns. You can use electric heaters in enclosed spaces without worrying about air flow.

Many models are ready for continuous use. You can run units for weeks at a time when heating your construction site. Quality heaters come with filters to prevent dust from collecting inside the unit. They also have ducts to route heat to other rooms in the home.

Heat Pump Package Unit

A heat pump is the ultimate solution for job site conditioning year round. You can set the internal thermostat for cooling or heating your construction site. Supply and return ducts carry air to all areas of new home builds. With a plywood cutout, you can pump the tubes through a window.

If you have a short winter project, a temporary unit will suffice. However, a heat pump package unit makes the most sense for longer builds that span seasons. Once you set it up, you don’t have to worry about heaters in the winter and AC in the summer. The heat pump also does a great job regulating the humidity inside the house for the entire project.

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